The hardest thing about writing this blog is coming up with a tag line for the site that can describe me.  How do you condense everything about who you are into a 3-part phrase?  According to the Bible I’m fearfully and wonderfully made, right?  How do you put all of that in one well thought out phrase?  The struggle is real, people.

Personally: I live in Metro Detroit with my amazing husband, Dennis, and two beautiful kids, Asher and Adelaide.  I grew up in Texas, but have since lived in Louisiana, California, Illinois and now Michigan.

Whether it is the Bible or music, I love to teach.  There’s beauty and wonder in helping people, young and old, understand complex ideas in a simple and new way.  It gets my blood pumping like espresso, minus all the jitters.   My goal is that through my writing, you, the reader, will grow in understanding of Christ and get a giggle along the way.

Professionally:  Tiffany LaGorio earned a Bachelors of Instrumental Music Education from the University of Louisiana at Monroe.  Feeling the call of the Lord, she moved further south to pursue a Masters of Christian Education specializing in Youth Ministry from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.  While in New Orleans, she worked as a girls youth ministry intern at her local church and volunteer coordinator and program director for Ignite Mission Ministries.  Over the past nine years,  Tiffany has developed her gift by teaching music and band throughout all grade levels and leading women’s Bible studies at her local church.