Hello.  It’s me.  Not to sound like an Adele song, but I feel like I’ve fallen off the wagon of consistency and into a pit of busyness and to-do lists.  I’m sure none of you have EVER felt like this, but it seems that inconsistency is the only constant in my schedule. That and my kids waking up long before the sun comes up.  “Today’s new phrase, kids, is sleeping in.  Let’s put it into practice. Especially on Saturday.”

When I was in high school, I had no problem sleeping in.  I could easily sleep until noon, but I would choose to get up between 9:30 and 10:30, so I didn’t feel like I wasted the whole day.  Now, I just wish I could sleep past 6:30. High school, in all of its glory, wasn’t too bad. (Side note: I chose to follow Jesus Christ and became a Christian my sophomore year, and life changed drastically concerning my mindset and purpose in life.)  With all that sleeping in, one would think that I would have endless amount of energy and drive to do my best work all the time and put forth the most amount of effort in everything I did. Right? Well, I did until the second semester of my senior year. That’s when it hit.  The mental setback of senioritis. Pronounced senior-eye-tis, this condition typically occurs when you know what you are doing after your graduate high school, so you no longer feel like you have to provide your best work at or even finish your senior classes. It’s so daunting to go to class and write papers or do math when you know where you are going to college (which is dependent upon graduating)? You already know that you have the scholarship to go to school (which is based on your GPA), so why keep busting your tail to keep your grades up?  The struggle is real.

Not to be contained to your last year in high school, senioritis can also manifest itself in other avenues of life.  You already got a new job and put your two weeks notice in with your current employer, so you don’t put forth your best effort as you wait out your current employment.  Senioritis rears its head and you start doing non-quality work. You have been on point with your decisions and personal ethics, always having an answer ready if the situation ever comes up, so you can get out or stand up.  Until you don’t, and you start making decisions based on emotion instead of morals. You’re making bad choice after bad choice. Senioritis takes you places you never intended to go. You’ve run an entire half-marathon and all you have left is the last mile, which for some reason seems to be the longest mile of the race.  Your body is telling you to quit. Your mind is telling you no one will care if you don’t finish. Your senioritis is reminding you of a taco stand back on mile 12. Senioritis lets you settle for less than your original goal. You can see where the Lord is leading, maybe a new direction in life, but He wants you to finish the work that you have already started and wait it out.  Senioritis makes you want to abandon where you are currently and jump into the next thing or just plain quit, though God says to wait. It’s like jumping into the pool when it’s a hot day even though it isn’t filled with water. It feels like the right place to be, but that place is still being prepared for the right time. Instead of feeling refreshed, you end up with a broken leg in a cast keeping your from swimming all summer.   

I’m at a crossroad right now.  The Lord has shown me a new project that He wants me to pursue, alongside with everything else.  I want to jump all in and go for it, but I know there is a lot that I have yet to learn. Also, God doesn’t want me to abandon every other project at this current moment.  I’m a little nervous but also excited. I’m reminded of Psalm 27:14,

Wait patiently for the LORD.

Be brave and courageous.

Yes, wait patiently for the LORD.”

It’s easy to come down with senioritis and not see through what you have been called to do, but as Paul said in Acts 20:24 “However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me–the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace.”  We are to finish what God has called us to do. Complete the task of where He has us. Don’t let the senioritis of life keep you from finishing the last mile of the race God has you in right now.  You can sleep in later, senior. Right now, you’ve got a race to finish.


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