I’m sitting here on my couch alone in my quiet house.  My husband is at work.  My kids are at school, and the only noise is the ticking of the clock.  Well, and my dog licking her feet.  Strange pup.  I called into work to tell them that I wasn’t going to come in because I’m… sick.  

Yes, sick.  

Not like throwing up sick, just not feeling good sick.  Not feeling good enough to take on going to teach a bunch of children under the age of 7 on a Friday, sick.  Out of the many roles of a woman and mom, being sick is not one that comes easy.  I will try to sike myself out to convince myself that I’m not really sick.  It’s the four letter word that no woman likes to admit to because there’s always too much to do to just take a day and recover from a virus or a case of the icky’s.  This isn’t written down in some woman-code book; rather, it’s in some job description that I made up for myself on how to be a good wife, mom, teacher, etc.

I almost feel a little guilty for not doing anything today. Almost.

There are dishes in my sink.  Dirty clothes in my laundry room.  Stuff at Target I really want to go buy, but I’m just sitting on the couch.  Should I get up and “do something”? Besides taking a shower and feeding myself, I really haven’t done much except play on Facebook.  However, I have been doing something.

I’ve been resting.

Ah, resting.  That thing I say that I do, but actually rarely get to do.  Even on the weekends, we have two kids that need to be fed and refereed.  (I say WE because my husband and I run a man to man defence on the kids.  It’s a team effort.)  There’s always laundry to be washed, dishes to be done, something could be getting cleaned at any given moment.  I personally feel like it’s hard to rest as a woman because we can’t stop thinking about the long list of things that “need” to get done.  But,

We actually need to rest.

We need to take those moments where can focus on ourselves by doing nothing at all.  In Psalm 23, David writes, “He [the Lord] makes me rest in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters.” Why does God make David rest in green pastures?  Simply stated by Jesus, “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath (Mark 2:27).”  The Sabbath, or day of rest and worship, was given to us as a gift to renew our bodies and minds in order to serve and connect with the Lord.  In the Psalms, God has to make David rest.  In my mind, I think David had the same issue that we have today: there’s always just one more thing that needs to get done.  Convincing myself that I have one more thing that NEEDS to get done is a half truth,

which is a full lie.

There are things that will have to get done, but the key is eventually.  I can always make a trip to Target.  The laundry will get done; in the meantime, we have enough clothes to wear.  My dishes will get done eventually, probably sooner than later because they will start stinking.  Right now, God is making me rest.  How?  By catching one of the many colds that are flying around the elementary school I work at or my kids brought home.  God is making me lie down in His green pastures, which is on my couch, reading my Bible, and watching my puppy stretch in some pretty weird poses.  Seriously, this dog is odd.  Cute, but odd.

I need rest (see previous post “Overwhelmed”).  You need rest.  We all need rest, but resting is just preparation to take the next step of doing.  Like when you have a cold, our bodies and minds need to rest in order to recover.  The Lord makes us rest in green pastures and quiet waters, but David didn’t say God makes him set up camp and build a new castle to live there.  The Sabbath is one day a week to recover from pressing on hard for Jesus the other six days a week.  If we don’t rest, the ache and overwhelmed feels we get from life will wear us down.

Take a rest.

Rest in Lord before the 4 letter word of sick comes to visit.   Don’t feel guilty for doing what God wants for you to do.  Trust that the Lord will get it all done, and allow yourself to be refreshed amidst the quiet waters… or even quiet ticking clocks.

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